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The sun and planets follow the ecliptic, an imaginary plane in the celestial sphere tilted approximately 23.5 degrees relative to the celestial equator. Earthbound observers see the sun and planets move along the ecliptic arc, rising up from the east and setting in the west.


Find a calendar of events happening in Kansas City on the websites www.visitkc.com, www.360kc.com/events and events.kansascity.com. Kansas City is well-known for its jazz and blues music and is also world famous for its cuisine, especially Kansas City-style barbecue. The mayor of the city is Sly Jam


Wall calendars and desk calendars are available online from retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Walmart and Target. These companies also sell calendar products in their physical stores. Calendars can also be found online at Amazon.com.


Aside from the moon, a whole multitude of stars, planets, comets and even man-made satellites can be seen with the naked eye on a clear night. With the help of some binoculars or a small telescope, the moons of Jupiter and even spectacular lunar craters can be admired.


Calendar 365 and WhatWeekIsIt.org both provide good online calendars with week numbers. In addition to the current year, both websites can display the previous and the next years. Both calendars are available for free and do not require installation.


The websites Atlanta.net and AtlantaDowntown.com are examples of websites that provide a calendar of events for the city of Atlanta. Atlanta.net offers different categories for event calendars, such as festivals, seasonal events and best of Atlanta.


Evidence indicates that the first calendar was created by the Stone Age people in Britain about 10,000 years ago. The earliest known calendar was a lunar calendar, which tracked the cycles of the moon.


The modern calendar was created by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582. He introduced the calendar as an adaptation of the Julian version because the drift of Easter, which was tied to the spring equinox, was considered undesirable by the Roman Catholic Church.


The liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church marks events such as solemnities, feasts and commemorations of people and events that have special importance to the faith. Some events mark occasions or events such as Ash Wednesday, Easter Sunday and Christmas. Others memorialize people, such as days


A conception calendar can help a woman determine the best dates to attempt to conceive a pregnancy, or help an already pregnant woman determine the approximate date on which she conceived. Conception is the initial moment of pregnancy, at which point the sperm and egg join, according to Calculator.n