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Both celery seed and celery salt can provide your food with concentrated celery flavor. In both cases, you will be able to get an intense burst of flavor but without the fibrous bulk of celery leaves and stalks. If you are trying to choose between these two spices, you may be wondering if their flavors […]


Celery seeds and flakes are commonly used in cooking. The flakes can replace fresh celery in soups or other recipes, while the seeds add flavor to potato salads or barbecue rubs. Celery seed plays an important role in Old Bay Seasoning. Combined with sodium, it becomes celery salt, a key component in bloody mary cocktails.


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How to Use Celery Seed. Celery seed is a spice that isn't always featured in the herb and spice rack but if you have some, it can make an excellent addition to a number of dishes. Be aware that celery seed has a very strong taste. Treat it...


Celery seeds are as you might have guessed the seeds of celery plants, but they’re actually from a different variety of celery to normal celery or celeriac. The variety is called smallage, and they’re grown for the seeds (the stalks are too stringy to be good tasting).


In cooking, celery is a ubiquitous ingredient. It is used in almost any kind of daily meals, an absolute must in nearly every home. A staple in many kinds of soup, celery is irreplaceable in Louisiana Creole, Cajun cuisine, and French mirepoix. However, the parts of celery used in cooking are usually the seeds, leaves, and stalks. Then comes the celery root.


Celery seed often will not work as a substitution for celery stalks and leaves. It will depend on the intended use in a recipe. The seeds will impart some celery flavor but will lack the crisp ...


The celery plant produces a valuable celery seed essential oil, which is often used in the perfume industry — and which also contains a powerful chemical compound called apiole. Celery seeds are well-known in cooking as a spice, both whole and ground, which do more than just add flavor to dishes — they also have amazing effects on health.


Celery seed has been especially famous in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, where it is used as a diuretic, cold remedy and an anti-inflammatory medicine. But while celery seeds are well-known in Eastern medicine, only a handful of people in Western territories know about the numerous uses of this spice. 1


Like tomato, carrot and other vegetable juices, celery juice is a convenient way to increase your daily vegetable consumption. It's not necessarily healthier than whole celery, but if you like the taste better than that of celery stalks, it could be the best choice for you.