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Celery seed often will not work as a substitution for celery stalks and leaves. It will depend on the intended use in a recipe. The seeds will impart some celery flavor but will lack the crisp ...


What about Celery Seeds? Celery seeds are as you might have guessed the seeds of celery plants, but they’re actually from a different variety of celery to normal celery or celeriac. The variety is called smallage, and they’re grown for the seeds (the stalks are too stringy to be good tasting).


Celery flakes are dried pieces of the celery stalk and leaves. The plant is harvested, cleaned and set in a warm, dry area to remove any moisture. After the celery is dried, it is crumbled into small pieces, or flakes. Replace fresh celery with celery flakes in recipes if needed.


Celery stalks retain their stringy quality when cooked, which can detract from delicate dishes like soups. Celery seed, on the other hand, marches on without these problems. If you're running short on celery or just don't want to buy it in the first place, add a pinch or two of celery seed and you're set to go.


In cooking, celery is a ubiquitous ingredient. It is used in almost any kind of daily meals, an absolute must in nearly every home. A staple in many kinds of soup, celery is irreplaceable in Louisiana Creole, Cajun cuisine, and French mirepoix. However, the parts of celery used in cooking are usually the seeds, leaves, and stalks. Then comes the celery root.


So if that’s what you’re referring to as a “substitute”, then simply go easy, a teaspoon sprinkle of celery seeds probably equals the flavor of a whole stalk of celery. But if it’s a sauce or stew or soup where you want to actually feel the diced and cooked vegetables when you dig in, celery is superior to celery seeds, obviously.


Celery seeds are usually small and dark brown, and taste and smell like celery stalks. This means that they can be used to boost the flavor of a dish and lend it an aromatic twist. 2 Aside from the culinary use of celery seeds, they can be used to make an extract or oil to deal with different illnesses.


How to Use Celery Seed. Celery seed is a spice that isn't always featured in the herb and spice rack but if you have some, it can make an excellent addition to a number of dishes. Be aware that celery seed has a very strong taste. Treat it...


An understanding of Celery seeds vs celery salt is essential to know how to use them. Celery salt is a combination of salt and celery seeds powder. You can use this combination if you have run out of celery seeds. Make sure to check the amount of salt being added to the entire dish. You can make celery salt easily at home.


Like tomato, carrot and other vegetable juices, celery juice is a convenient way to increase your daily vegetable consumption. It's not necessarily healthier than whole celery, but if you like the taste better than that of celery stalks, it could be the best choice for you.