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There are three benefits of celery for men. First, celery for men is able to increase male sexual capacity by improving erections and providing the vital minerals needed to maintain seminal fluid and the function of the prostate gland. Second, celery is similar to a natural energy bar or drink.


Read also: 9 Celery Benefits and Side Effects: A Quick Guide To Celery Celery Benefits for Men. Many men take Viagra in the hope that it will improve their sex life. Viagra, however, is a drug and, as such, poses a lot of risks to your health and well being.


Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Jayaraj on celery seed benefits for men: Celery seed is a natural diuretic, helps pms and menstrual cramps, is used for gout, protects the liver, may help high blood pressure and lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation. More research is needed but it is safe to try.


Some health benefits of celery for men include lowering blood pressure and cancer prevention, according to Medical News Today. Celery may also improve digestion, prevent age-related vision loss and relieve pain. In men, high blood pressure can lead to erectile dysfunction, according to WebMD.


You probably already know that celery is low in calories and rich in nutrients such as potassium. Less known, however, is how good celery seed is for you. In addition to enhancing foods with a bold flavor, celery seed offers certain health benefits. A teaspoon of celery seed contains 8 calories and ...


The seeds can be crushed to make celery seed tea. While relatively little research has been done on humans using celery seed, preliminary studies performed on animals have demonstrated many promising health benefits. As with most herbs, individuals should consult a health care provider before taking celery seed in any form.


Celery – best known as a diet muncher, a cleanser and a hydrator – but there's much more to each skinny stick than you think. Here, Will Thompson, celery-lover and investigator, reveals 7 health benefits that you might not know ...


Cancer Prevention One of the most exciting health benefits of celery seeds is cancer prevention. The antioxidants in celery seed may help lower the risk of cell damage and chronic inflammation, which are known to contribute to many different types of cancer.


Celery Is Loaded With Potassium. There’s also another connection between celery and erectile dysfunction. Celery is rich in potassium, which has many health benefits including the balancing of electrolytes which helps with fluid balance and cellular cleansing. Potassium is also an important player in reducing blood pressure.


While there's not any direct or anecdotal information to suggest that eating celery will actually have the benefit of making men more attractive to women, there is a lot of reason to believe that this specific pheromone, androstenol, can have a very real effect on human behavior.