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Positive Role Models. Fortunately there are many celebrities out there that DO act as good role models for our children, in some of the following ways: • Putting their name to positive campaigns – for example to stamp out bullying. If kids see their favourite celebrity working to combat such issues, they may assume similar attitudes


Celebrities are not good role models because. . Even though they might seem good in public, Even they have their habits and sometimes their influence can affect many young children, Leading them in the wrong direction. This is why they are not good role models for any one that looks up to them, They are liars in disguise.


15 of the Best Celebrity Role Models. Yesika Reyes + 6 years ago. Prev Article Next Article . Being a celebrity can come with a lot of perks, but it also comes with a very important responsibility. Fans look up to them and sometimes try to emulate their idols whether these celebrities like it or not. ... Protein infused vodka sounds like a good ...


Celebrities can either be a good role model or vice versa.There are a lot of factors which determine whether a celebrity would be a good role model or not.The number 1 factor is their lifestyle.The way they live their life would determine if they would be good role models or not.Secondly, the kind of influence they are subjected to, it might be peer influence in the sense that the way their ...


Celebrities are not good role models: Unhealthy Habits – Some celebrities are inclined towards bad habits like substance abuse, alcohol, smoking and some to the extent of involving in criminal ...


Celebrities As Role Models 916 Words | 4 Pages. woe considered a good role model, you first need to be considered a good person. A good person is typically a person who has empathy for others, tries their best to make good decisions, and follows the law.


9 Celebrities Who Are Great Role Models for Your Kids. ... Shahidi embraces her natural hair, serving as a role model for young girls who feel the pressure to process and straighten their own hair.


These celebrities are expected to act in a certain way to encourage the younger generations to behave in the best way possible and although there are some stars that go off the rails, there are some celebrity role models for girls that are considered to be good ones.


You’ve heard it before. As a celebrity, doesn’t she have an obligation to be a role model? From Miley to Kim K to Nicki Minaj, there are plenty of female celebrities out there that sometimes take the role in stride, and other times dismiss it for being too much pressure.. Miley has been on the record declaring she isn’t a conventional role model – and doesn’t plan on being one, either.


Parents Choices of The Best Celebrity Role Models for Our Children of 2014. 1. Jennifer Lawrence “Promotes healthy body image, very talented and private, intelligent, down to earth, mannerly.” “She is kind and humble and sets a good example for girls about body acceptance, self respect, a strong work ethic, and not taking yourself too ...