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Question: "What is Hanukkah? Should a Christian celebrate Hanukkah (Christmaskah)?" Answer: Chanukkah (or Hanukkah) is the Jewish Festival/Feast of Dedication, also known as the "Festival of Lights.” It is an eight-day festival beginning on the 25th day of the Jewish month of Kislev, which typically falls in November or December on our calendar.


Christians would do well to celebrate Hanukkah. (iStock photo) A common understanding of the December holiday season is that Christmas is the holiday for Christians and Hanukkah is the holiday for Jews. Few Christians relate to Hanukkah since it is not one of the biblical feasts of Israel.


Hanukkah Devotions for the Christian Family. I have written eight days of family devotions, one for each night of Hanukkah. Each devotion can be completed in only 5-10 minutes. I encourage you to make family devotions a priority this holiday season (whether you choose to celebrate Hanukkah or not!). Day 1: Why Is Hanukkah Celebrated?


Hanukkah is for Christians. ... And we know for a fact that Jesus, Yeshua, celebrated Hanukkah, because we’re told the story of the trip he made from his home in Galilee to Jerusalem to be a part of that joyous celebration. Further, He used Kislev 25th (Hanukkah) to make a startling statement that is so important to all of us, but also ...


Two thousand years ago a small group of pious Jews proved might does not always make right, and miracles can happen. That group—known as the Maccabees—became part of Jewish tradition, and we celebrate their story every year on the holiday of Hanukkah. Christians may know about Hanukkah simply by ...


Hanukkah was not a biblical holiday per se in the sense that it was ordained by God in the Torah, but it was something regularly celebrated by the time Jesus showed up on the scene. Many Messianic Jews still celebrate Hanukkah as opposed to Christmas, and mark the birth of Jesus at other times in other ways, Brown noted.


I'm a Christian, so how does anything to do with a miracle that happened centuries ago and the Jewish Temple's re-dedication in Israel have relevance to me in my walk of faith? Simple. God's miracles are still worth celebrating today! Plus, Jesus, who was a practicing Jew, also celebrated Hanukkah!


3 Reasons Christians Should Celebrate Hanukkah Or at least, remember it. Three reasons why Christians should value and respect Hanukkah, and how to use it to preach the Gospel to Jews.


Christians celebrating Hanukkah? Is that even allowed? Growing up in a time when the neighborhood Catholics and Protestants kept an amiable distance from one another during their individual (yet similar) holiday celebrations, the idea of celebrating a Jewish holiday never really crossed my mind.


How to Celebrate Hanukkah. Hanukkah, a wintertime holiday in Judaism, is also known as the Jewish "festival of lights" as its focus is on lighting the eight Chanukah candles during the eight days of the festival. Although not one of the...