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To repair a leaky ceiling, repair the leak behind it, then patch or replace the ceiling. If the leak is small, the damaged portion can easily be removed and patched. Otherwise, more extensive repairs may be required.


To remove a water stain from the ceiling, clean the stain with a solution of three parts water and one part bleach. Apply a stain-blocking primer, and repaint. You need a paint roller, primer, water, bleach, ceiling paint, a rag, and paper towels to complete this task.


Ceiling leaks occurring beneath a bathroom are often a sign that there is a break in the water supply drain or one of the bathroom fixture drains. Finding the leak is usually the most challenging part of repairing it.


The aging of a structure often results in small, spiderweb cracks in the ceiling. Seasonal expansion and shrinking can also cause cracks. However, large, parallel cracks in a ceiling often indicate a serious problem.


A gas ceiling heater provides heat to an area not already covered by central heating and air conditioning. Powered by natural gas, the heater is mounted at the ceiling and provides warmth to this space. These are commonly used to heat garages for year-round hobby use.


To repair cracks in a ceiling, gather the needed supplies, remove any debris, sand the area, patch the cracks and smooth the area. For a successful repair, it may be necessary to have the paint used on the ceiling originally if the putty does not match the color.


Hansen Wholesale asserts that the Emerson Carrera Grande Eco is the best and top-selling ceiling fan. The fan is environmentally friendly, and the blades are available in a number of colors such as White, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Brushed Steel.