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To remove a water stain from the ceiling, clean the stain with a solution of three parts water and one part bleach. Apply a stain-blocking primer, and repaint. You need a paint roller, primer, water, bleach, ceiling paint, a rag, and paper towels to complete this task.


To remove stains from fabrics and other materials, pick the appropriate cleaning agent, such as a detergent or bleach, for the material and staining substance. Gather together a sponge or paper towels for blotting and a soft-bristled brush for rubbing.


Peroxide can remove blood from many things. Test a small area to make sure that it will not bleach the surface to which it is being applied.


If the ceiling is a hard surface, the EPA recommends scrubbing the mold away with soapy water and drying the area. Homeowners should attempt mold abatement only in areas of 10 square feet or less, when the ceiling is non-porous, and they can identify and fix the moistur...


Remove yellow perspiration stains from delicate fabrics by wetting the stain with a wet spotter, applying a few drops of ammonia, placing a paper towel saturated with the spotter on the stain to draw it out, and washing as usual. Drawing out the stain avoids scrubbing t...


Remove urine stains from upholstery by absorbing the liquid with a clean, dry towel, blotting with mild detergent and water, applying drops of hydrogen peroxide and rinsing with tap water to remove the chemicals. Begin stain removal as soon as possible after discovering...


You can remove popcorn ceiling texture by lightly wetting the material and gently scraping the ceiling with a scraper tool. Popcorn texture installed before 1979 should be tested for asbestos before removal.