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To repair a water-damaged ceiling, first stop the source of the leak. Scrape away any loose or flaking paint and apply a coat of an oil-based primer. Use spackling to smooth the ceiling, apply a coat of primer and then apply the finish coat.


To fix a water-damaged ceiling, repair the source of water leakage in the roof, dry the ceiling, fill any holes in the ceiling with joint compound or plaster, and sand, prime and paint the ceiling. Paint the entire ceiling with uniform paint for the best results.


To repair a popcorn ceiling, saturate the damaged area with hot water, remove the damaged texture with a putty knife, and apply joint compound and drywall mesh to the area. Sand the joint compound with fine-grit sandpaper after it dries, and apply canned popcorn ceiling texture to the area.


To repair a car ceiling, apply adhesive spray to the damaged areas and press the ceiling against the roof to ensure it sticks. All you need is a suitable adhesive spray and another person to assist if necessary. The repair of a car ceiling takes a minimum of 10 minutes depending on the size of the r


The method of repairing a ceiling fan varies depending on the type problem with the fan unit, which may include wobbly blades, noisy fan or simply a fan that has no power. However, troubleshooting is thefirst step that is usually taken when repairing a ceiling fan. Once the source of the problem has


To repair cracks in a ceiling, gather the needed supplies, remove any debris, sand the area, patch the cracks and smooth the area. For a successful repair, it may be necessary to have the paint used on the ceiling originally if the putty does not match the color.


Builders often use textured ceilings in homes. When these surfaces are damaged, they require special techniques to repair them. You need a stud finder, 3/4-inch lumber, a small piece of replacement drywall, joint compound, drywall tape, screws to attach the patch and an appropriate ceiling-texture r


Repair a plaster ceiling using plaster buttons, drywall patches, fiberglass mesh, plaster patches and new plaster. Plaster buttons are designed to screw into existing plaster on the ceiling in order to push it up and secure it to the lath, or layer of material that the plaster is secured to.


To repair a popcorn ceiling, lay newspaper on the ground, set up a ladder, clear away excess paint and popcorn, paint the primer and spray the texture. You need a paint brush, sandpaper, paint, rollers, painter's tape, safety goggles and a hat to complete this project.


To repair a leaky ceiling, repair the leak behind it, then patch or replace the ceiling. If the leak is small, the damaged portion can easily be removed and patched. Otherwise, more extensive repairs may be required.