A cedar tree has flat leaves that spray out into the shape of a fan, according to About.com. Small cones or pink flowers often are connected to the leaves. More »

A cedar is a large coniferous tree that typically grows in a pyramidal shape. Cedar tree leaves stay green year-round, and some female trees in the species form cones. Cedar tree bark is reddish and aligned in vertical r... More »

One of the simplest ways to identify a cedar tree is by looking at its distinct bark. All types of cedar trees have a reddish-brown bark that peels from the tree in large strips. Cedar trees can also be identified by the... More »

Transplant a cedar tree in late or early spring. Transplanting the tree when it is dormant increases the probability of the plant surviving the operation by minimizing the strain on the tree and roots. More »

To care for a cedar tree, mulch around the tree regularly and remove diseased branches from the tree. Little else needs to be done for this type of tree, including not watering it. More »

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If a dying cedar tree is a recent transplant, the problem is often with the planting method. When more established trees die, pests and drought are often the cause. More »

To prune an overgrown cedar tree, remove all dead and diseased limbs, cut back awkward branches, and shearing the outside of the tree, states the San Francisco Chronicle. Slowly control an overgrown tree through pruning ... More »

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