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So you're getting ready to take the road test portion of your CDL exam and you're scared to death. You know you have what it takes to pass but you're afraid you'll screw it up. Will you forget to check your mirrors?


Tips on passing the CDL Road Driving Test. Remember that this is not a speed race. Use your mirrors! Don't cut off taffic. Take the outer left hand turn lane if there are two provided. Don't forget to use your turn signals. Never hit a curb.


7 Last-Minute CDL Road Test Tips. By Justin Wasserback, NETTTS Apr 8, 2016. You’ve got your Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP), worked hard, practiced the maneuvers and can recite a pre-trip inspection in your sleep. You’ve put in the hours behind the wheel and are ready for tomorrow’s Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Road Test.


Enough talking, you need to know how to pass the cdl road test. Everyone that has a CDL felt the same way you do right now. My goal is to make sure you too pass the road test and in order to help you I put together a list of 15 things to do and/or avoid doing while taking the road test.


Pass Your CDL Road Test to Get Your Commercial Drivers License. In preparation for your CDL road test, you will need to be thoroughly familiar with the operation of a Class A commercial vehicle. The road test, or skills assessment, is one of two tests necessary to obtain a commercial drivers license.


Updated November 2019 Failing the CDL exam can be a trucker’s worst nightmare. The driving portion of the exam is where a lot of driver’s struggle the most. What if you forget the rules or focus on them so much that it leads to a mistake? The following guide focuses on how to avoid failing … Continue reading "How to Avoid Failing Your CDL Driving Test"


CDL Class A Road Test Overview. The video highlights those things you'll want to be familier with on the Road test. You'll prepare by reading the CDL handbook and and in most states the section to ...


8 more tips to pass your road test with any class of licence, anywhere in the world - watch the video! GET Road Test CHECKLIST: https://www.smartdrivetest.co...