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Here are the top nationally available 1-year CD rates. Compare these offers, then calculate how much interest you would earn when your CD matures.. Best 1-year CD Rates in April 2019


Search for CD rates in your area. Compare bank CD rates from several banks. Find the best CD rates available today. Use our Free CD calculator and CD ladder


CD rates, or certificate of deposit rates, are offered in a variety of maturity dates. The 1-Year CD rates in the table above are listed based on Annual Percentage Yield, from the highest interest rates to the lowest. By clicking on the plus button to the left of an offering, you can view account ...


Current rates in Illinois are 1.39% for a 1-year CD, 1.53% for a 2-year CD, and 2.12% for a 5-year CD. Compare and lock-in current CD rate quotes in Illinois from multiple lenders. Bankrate ...


Traditional certificates of deposit are by far the most popular CD type, but some banks offer their own twist on the usual product: Unconventional CDs - A raise-your-rate CD is a special type of certificate that allows you to bump up your interest rate one or more times during the term (assuming rates have in fact risen).


If you are unlikely to require access to your cash for some time, you may also consider certificates of deposit (CDs). While CDs have penalties for early withdrawal that may even eat into your principal, the rates on 2, 3, 4 and 5 year CDs are ordinarily significantly higher than savings rates.


When markets expect interest rates to move up, bump-up CD promotions start to become more popular. And since the Fed has been inching up its benchmark interest rate, we’re seeing a few more these days. Indeed, we have a few banks on our radar. Remember, you can always find the best deals in your area by checking our chart of the best CD rates.


The higher the yield, the greater the rate at which your money grows. To learn more about APY, check out our in-depth guide here. CD Rates. If a CD compounds annually, its rate will be the same as its APY. So if you notice that a CD's APY is higher than its rate, it's a clue that you'll get more compounding for your money.


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Local Bank and Credit Union Rates & News "All politics is local," they say. And for many of us, all banking is still local, as well. While many routine banking tasks have moved online, the local branch presence is still a must for most Americans when choosing a bank or credit union.