One of the primary causes of oil spilling into marine environments in an oil spill is people who are careless or make mistakes, according to the Office of Response and Restoration. Such incidents involve barrages, tanker... More »

KidzWorld explains that oil spills occur when people cause an oil tanker, a ship that carries oil from one place to another, to leak oil into the sea. Carelessness in maneuvering oil tankers typically causes an oil spill... More »

Oil spills pose serious environmental effects that adversely impact the wildlife and habitats in marine and freshwater ecosystems. The repercussions of these man-made disasters are wide ranging and can be detrimental to ... More » Science Environmental Science Pollution

According to Cornell University, bioremediation is the use of biological organisms to help clean contaminated or polluted environmental sites, such as the site of an oil spill. In nature, many biological organisms contri... More »

Kids are increasingly aware of events that impact the world they live in, especially damaging and debilitating occurrences such as oil spills. When kids want to know facts, they need those facts delivered in a way they c... More » Science Environmental Science Pollution

Using dispersants to break down crude oil, introducing biological agents to speed biodegradation, and using skimmers to contain and collect oil are all methods used to clean up oil spills. Spills may also break down natu... More » Science Environmental Science Pollution

The biggest polluters of oil drilling companies are accidental oil spills and workers illegally dumping oil barrels and produced water. "Produced water" is water produced by drilling oil, and it contains arsenic, cadmium... More » Science Environmental Science Pollution