Common causes of severe nosebleeds include the inability of blood to clot or a posterior nosebleed that involves an artery at the back of the nose, explains WebMD. Trauma to the nose, medications, trauma inside the nose ... More »

Rarely, cancers in the nose can result in nosebleeds, explains WebMD. Patients with acute promyelocytic leukemia, a form of acute myeloid leukemia, may also develop nosebleeds due to a decrease in the body's blood-clotti... More »

Large blood vessels found in the back of a victim's nose is the major cause of nose bleeding in older men, according to The reasons for the large blood vessels are constant usage of aspirin, high blood ... More »

Common causes of sudden nosebleeds in the elderly include damage to an artery in the back of the nose, a blow to the face or irritation from a cold, according to WebMD. Sometimes clotting problems caused by blood-thinnin... More »

Some causes of a sudden nosebleed include trauma to the outside or inside of the nose, the inability of the blood to clot, certain diseases and abnormal blood vessels, states WebMD. Most nosebleeds are not serious. More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Causes of nosebleeds include trauma to the outside or inside of the nose and irritation from a cold, according to WebMD. Dry air and diseases such as acute sinusitis also cause nosebleeds. Other less likely causes includ... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Common causes of nosebleeds include nasal irritation from a cold virus, external trauma to the nose, and living in dry climates, according to WebMD. In rare cases, nosebleeds can signify underlying medical conditions suc... More »