Poverty is a complex social phenomenon and, according to sociologists, some of its causes include overspending, the fatalism of the poor, the desire of the poor to live on welfare rather than working in demeaning positio... More »

Poverty is systemic throughout American society, as its existence is readily found in politics, economics and discrimination. Rather than impacting people at random, its presence is most notable in populations that have ... More »

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Some leading causes of poverty include warfare, corruption, food dumping, wasteful agriculture and environmental degradation. Other causes are poor management of local resources, high population density, information illi... More »

Some solutions for reducing poverty include job creation, raising the minimum wage, access to sanitation and clean water, and microfinancing. Job creation reduces poverty in a significant way because it gives people inco... More »

Some causes of poverty around the world include a lack of control over local resources, high population density, lack of access to education and marital instability. National debt, vulnerability to natural disasters and ... More »

Some of the economic causes of new imperialism included the Marxist theory that governments wished to explore overseas areas to please the capitalists at home and the desire to acquire raw materials to boost industrializ... More »

The causes of poverty in South Africa are numerous and complicated. A history of apartheid has exacerbated income inequality over the decades, with Africans, Asians and other non-whites restricted to low-quality educatio... More »