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Branding Irons & Livestock Branding Equipment At Long View Ranch Branding Irons, we design and build top quality livestock brands and branding irons; Electric Brands, Freeze Brands and Fire Brands for ranchers, farmers, and anyone who wants an authentic brand. We know how important it is to have quality equipment.


Manufacturers and suppliers of branding irons and earmarking pliers can provide livestock owners with a range of services, including: horse and cattle brands; cattle and sheep earmark pliers; pig tattoos; sheep paint brands. Below is a list of some Queensland and interstate manufacturers and suppliers, and the services they provide.


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Branding Time & Info Branding times vary according to the type of metal in the irons (all times shown here are for L & H brass freeze branding irons) and the age, skin thickness and color of the animal. Branders should calibrate their freeze branding irons by branding the recommended times and keeping accurate records of times and results.


Howdy, partners! We offer U.S. made quality branding irons for the livestock industry worldwide. Our selection includes Electric, Fire-Heated or Freeze Branding Irons. Whether you are looking for stock branding irons or a custom branding iron with your own ranch brand, we’re here to help. Our Stock selection offered: E


Electric branding irons heat to branding temperature in 90 seconds and maintain constant, even heat to produce clear, legible brands. Electric brand number sets are made with 2” tall numbers and 3/16” heating element for a 3/16” face width.


CATTLE (617) A.I. Supplies (5) Branding Irons (2) Calf Scour Prevention & Treatments (21) Calf Tables (3) Calving Supplies (117) Cattle Implants (12) Cattle Lice Control & Insecticides (39) Cattle Wormers (21) Coccidiosis (2) Dehorners & Supplies (15) Drenches (1) Feed Additives & Supplements (12) Hot Shots (28) Injectable Antibiotics (7 ...


Fire Brands Equipment. Please browse our fire branding irons, aka stainless steel branding irons, and fire branding equipment. Stainless steel branding irons should be heated to a copperish/gray color instead of bright red. PROPER BRANDING COLORATION. DON'T BOTCH WITH A BLOTCH: 10 TIPS FOR A CLEAR READABLE BRAND ...


Welcome to Livestock Branding Irons. We Make Your Custom Cattle Branding Irons. Livestock Branding Irons is the source for branding irons for any application as well as personalized packages and interchangeable characters. We ship worldwide and we offer branding equipment that can be used in any country.


The number of characters in a brand is determined by how you would describe the brand. For example: Bar 7B would be 3 characters, if the characters blend into each other such as the 7 and the B using the same vertical line, that is still considered a 3 character branding iron.