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Long-term effects of declawing a cat through laser surgery include risk of lameness and behavioral problems, according to the Humane Society. The cat may experience pain, infection and tissue necrosis, or death of the tissue, in its paws. Declawing is performed by amputating the last bone of each to


The benefit of declawing a cat is that it can no longer damage furniture or injure people with its claws. However, declawing cats is a painful surgery for them, alters the natural way they move and can lead to future complications, according to Avery Ranch Animal Hospital.


The best candidates for declawing are cats between the ages of 4 and 8 months that are not overweight, according to About.com. While these cats still experience pain from declawing, their recovery is quicker and less likely to include complications than older or overweight cats.


As of 2016, the average cost of declawing a cat ranges from $100 to $400, involves some pain and removes a key self-defense mechanism, notes VetInfo. The Rescoe clipper method costs around $100 but risks infection or regrowth of the claws. The more complex disarticulation procedure method costs arou


Some animal hospitals report that they will declaw a cat at any age, particularly if it means that the cat will be able to keep its home as a result of the declawing procedure. However, other sources, such as the Humane Society of the United States, declares the declawing procedure to be cruel at an


The advantages of laser feline declaw surgery include a reduced risk of pain after the operation and less bleeding and swelling. Disadvantages include the high cost of setting up a laser surgical unit and the requirement for veterinarians to learn aspects relating to safety, laser physics and use of


Cats enjoy things like grooming, clawing, scratching, cat nip, sleeping, and playing with toys or other animals. While cats in general like to do certain things, favorite activities and treats can differ from cat to cat.


Cat years are the age of a cat in comparison to a human. Cats age at a different rate than humans, with shorter total life spans. When a cat is 1 in cat years, they are 15 years old in human years.


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Don’t have your cat declawed in San Francisco, or you could go to jail. This month, the city became the first in California to ban the veterinary procedure, and was soon joined by Santa Monica, Berkeley and Beverly Hills. Los Angeles is expected to join suit soon. Watch TODAY All Day! Get the best n