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To find a nearby Catholic church, use sites like TheCatholicDirectory.com and MassTimes.org. These sites are free to use and only require entering a location to find a church nearby.


A Catholic church should appear to be taller than it is wide, which gives visitors the feeling that the space is reaching to heaven. The building should also have a sense of permanence and must not give the idea that it is makeshift or temporary.


Some major differences between the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England (Anglican) include women, gays and lesbians in the clergy; priests are allowed to marry; and greater local control over churches instead of a strong central authority, according to About.com. The Anglican Church was s


To find the Catholic parish nearest to your location in the United States, use the "Parish Locator" map program run by Catholic Online, a website officially sanctioned by the Vatican.


Those wishing to marry in the Catholic Church must be baptized, in good standing with the Church, must not have been married before with a few exceptions and must be marrying someone of the opposite sex. These are some of the requirements to have a sacramental marriage as opposed to just a natural m


According to Roman Catholic teaching, the Roman Catholic Church began when Jesus named Simon Peter the first Pope as told in Matthew 16:18. In this New Testament passage, Jesus describes how he would build a church with Simon Peter serving as the rock of the Church. Although no institutionalized or


Find Mass times for local Catholic churches by visiting the websites of local churches or your diocese, or by checking MassTimes.org. Many individual church websites post Mass times, and diocesan websites often have parish directories. MassTimes.org collects Mass time information from parishes acros


The duration for an average Catholic Church mass varies widely depending on the church but is usually between 20 minutes and an hour. A Mass can last over 90 minutes during special events such as the Easter Vigil and ordinations.


The Roman Catholic Church teaches that Confirmation is one of the seven sacraments that Christ gave the church. The sacrament indicates that a person's faith is confirmed and strong. A person who is confirmed also accepts the responsibilities of the faith. Catholics believe that the Holy Spirit endo


According to adherents of the Catholic faith, the Catholic church began with Jesus, who lived in the first century and spent his adult life preaching in the Roman Empire. After his death, his disciples continued preaching what Jesus had taught them, and the Catholic church operates in present times