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If you are caught breaking any of these three rules, press the “Timer” button to shut off the timer. The other team automatically gets a point for that round. When the buzzer sounds, this indicates the end of the round. Catch phrase rules state that the team that is not holding the game unit gets 1 point.


The Catch Phrase rules and instructions do not state how exactly you should sit but it is best to sit in a circle alternating every other person as a member on your team. Place the board and timer in the middle of the circle or between the two teams.


Hasbro Catch Phrase Instructions. For 4+ adult players ... Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are. ... Each resume the game where you left off. player needs to be able to pass the Catch Phrase game unit to a member of the other team as quickly as possible.


To play Catch Phrase, you must necessarily have Hasbro’s genuine Catch Phrase game device. Pick one at a nearby game or toy store for an affordable 20 dollars (prices may vary as per region and version).Once you have the game, you can unpack it, you will need to set up this device in order to play.


The rules for Catch Phrase include playing as a team, not revealing the first letter of the word, avoiding rhyming words and not saying any part of the word out loud. Each team scores a point when the other team runs out of time. How to play Catch Phrase: Turn the game on, and choose a category.


Game Unit; Instructions; Object of the Game. Grab It! Guess It! Pass It! Be the first team to reach 7 points. To gain points, make sure someone from your team isn't caught holding the Catch Phrase game unit when the timer runs out. Game Unit Setup. Wake the game by pressing the Start/Stop button.


The game should include a Catch Phrase disk player, the game board, an electronic randomized timer, two movers, 16 double sided phrase or word disks, and the official Catch Phrase rules and instructions. Two AAA-size batteries are required for the timer which are not included. (Contents are per the non-digital Catch Phrase). Game Preparation:


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catchphrase board game instructions britannia games catch phrase electronic game catchphrase board game rules how to turn off catch phrase Be the first team to reach 7 points. To gain points, make sure someone from your team isn't caught holding the Catch Phrase game unit when the timer runs out. If this game malfunctions, push in RESET or try ...


The first is similar to classic Catch Phrase. However, if you wish to incorporate singing into the game, the other version adds an extra point for any clue that is sung, if the team guesses correctly. The game has 9 categories to choose from each round: Pop Mix, 70s, 80s 90s, 2000s, Classic Rock, Hip Hop/R&B, Country, Oldies.