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Our price list is updated weekly with the latest scrap metal and catalytic converter prices. Please contact us for large quantities.


Get the current Catalytic Converter Scrap Prices from Rockaway Recycling instantly online. Text or email us pictures of your scrap catalytic converters for an accurate price. You can then ship us yours in the mail. We will provide a quick quote and quick payment for scrap catalytic converters.


* Prices are subject to change without notice. *Prices fluctuate based on PGM Market. Call us at 310-408-2300


“Selling Catalytic Converters by Categories is the Past, Codes are the Present & Recycling is the Future!” It’s time to learn how to extract more money out of your Catalytic Converter business. We can help. Give us a call at 310-408-2300


Global Refining Group’s laboratories are constantly updating our price list database for catalytic converters. You can rest assured knowing that you are receiving the true value of your converter. Global and its’ partners, pride ourselves in being a trustworthy option for our suppliers. Payment Options for Catalytic Converters


Catalytic Converter Prices : Used and Scrap converter prices : Recycle prices for old catalytic converters from cars and trucks : Depending upon the brand of converter, or which vehicle that the catalyitc converter is from, prices can vary from two to three figures.


YS CATALYTIC RECYCLING Leading Buyer of Catalytic Converters in Upstate New York! YS HOME PAGE YS HOME PAGE. Catalytic Converter Price List. Automotive Core Price List. General Scrap Price List. Prices Updated As Of 6/10/19. WE BUY CATALYTIC CONVERTERS IN ALBANY NY. We Pay Up For Converters.


The Evolution of “The Price List” By Yannick Boudreau and Cliff Hope, PMR Catalytic Converter Recycling Inc. Catalytic converters were first introduced to the North America automotive sector in 1973. Wide spread use of converters in automobiles didn’t come into existence until the early the 80’s.


Rockaway Recycling can help you classify the type of catalytic converter you have by using the pictures and descriptions we have posted on our website Catalytic Control. These prices are based on full catalytic converters. Our scale managers will determine the volume of your catalytic converters when they see them in person.


When you are searching for a scrap yard to bring your catalytic converter to for money, you need to know what to do with it, what it’s worth, and any other things you yard may ask you about it. There are a few basic and simple steps to keep in mind when you are preparing your catalytic converters for scrap. 1.