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Contents of ArticleDid you know that declawed cats are prone to litter box avoidance?After surgery, their paws are extremely tender and sore.Declawed cats are often stressed.Litter box issues are most intense among recently-declawed cats, but some cats experience problems for the rest of their lives.Here’s how to select a great litter for your declawed cat.Think […]


After your feline family member gets declawed, she'll require a little extra TLC at home. She'll need a litter box after surgery and can safely use cat litter, but you may need to make a few adjustments. Set up a safe recovery area and litter box before she returns home.


One sometimes-overlooked aspect of cat declaw recovery is the need for your pet's litter box to have different and softer filler material in it during her recovery period so she can use the box comfortably while her feet heal from the operation.. Your cat will likely stay at your veterinarian’s office for a day or so following her surgery to give her doctor a chance to monitor her incisions .....


Best Cat Litter. While it is perfectly safe to use any type of litter after declawing surgery, you can maximize your kitty's comfort by getting him a soft type of kitty litter. His paws may be slightly tender, and soft litter might be gentler on his feet.


Proper Kitty LItter Post Declawing Discussion in 'Caring for Strays and Ferals' started by frenchwench, Oct 18, ... My question is, I am told you have to use special litter for a time after she is de-clawed. Does anyone one know what type, or even a brand name would be helpful. ... can anyone recommend a good cat litter for everyday use.


Select a comfortable litter. After being declawed, it may be very painful and uncomfortable for your cat to step in her normal litter. In fact, urinating and defecating outside the litter box is a common problem for newly declawed cats, since they do not want to step in litter that is now uncomfortable to them.


What to use for litter for cat declaw recovery time? My 14 week old kitten is getting declawed next month. I've had cats many times before and so I would normally use shredded newspaper in the litter box during the recovery period after the procedure.


Keep your cat indoors for at least two weeks after his surgery so he won't be exposed to outdoor germs or chase after a bird or squirrel before his wounds have healed. Declawed cats should be kept indoors, as they no longer have a means of defense against other animals and may no longer possess the balance they need to climb tall trees or fences.


Declaw surgery, also known as onychectomy, generally involves the surgical removal of the claw and all or a portion of the last bone in each digit. It is usually performed on the front paws only. Younger cats (under 1 year of age) tolerate the procedure better than older or obese cats that bear more ...


Cats should not be allowed to jump for a few days. You may want to consider confining your cat to a small space until it some healing takes place. Move food dishes and litter box close to the cat’s bed so the cat doesn’t have to move around too much. Caring for Your Declawed Cat. Your cat may be kept overnight for the declawing procedure.