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7 Reasons Cats Love to Lick Plastic. ... This could also explain why some cats like to urinate on plastic bags. 7. Mental short-circuit. Some cats get in the habit of eating non-food items. This ...


Why do cats lick plastic bags? Extensive online research shows it is not just plastic bags which appear to be cat tongue attractants, but photographs as well. The activity of bag licking varies among cats; not all cats lick bags and not all bags get licked.


Why does my cat always lick plastic bags? It is annoying and I would like to know the reason. We keep most or all of the bags out of her reach. Thanks – E. While a plastic bag obsession can seem ...


Your cat could be licking plastic bags for a variety of reasons. Know that it is only a problem if the cat ingests the bags or if it is incessant—that could indicate a health concern. Your best bet? Keep your plastic items in a drawer or cabinet the kitty can’t reach or, even better, use reusable bags so you never need to bring plastic bags ...


Theories abound as to why cats like to lick plastic, and especially plastic bags. Although one explanation above all isn’t yet agreed upon in the cat community, there are a few plausible ideas out there. It’s a sensory expurrience. You might say that licking a plastic bag hits the jackpot for four out of Kitty’s five senses:


Licking plastic bags is a "texture-specific eating disorder,” meaning the cats just like that texture, he adds. It’s not dangerous—unless the cat is ingesting the plastic, which can lead to ...


Recently, my cat has been trying to lick the trash can bag (the part that hangs over the edge of the can). She also tries to lick a plastic bag hung over a suit in my husband's closet. Why? I first thought we had food dripped onto the one by the trash can (it's in the kitchen). But when we've seen her licking the one in the closet, we were wondering why.


It’s possible that cats detect a smell that mimics pheromones. Licking the plastic could cause a flehmen response, and could also be why a cat will urinate on a plastic bag. Cats Like the Feel of Plastic. It’s possible some cats lick plastic because they like the feel of it on their tongue.


Some cats are more adventurous than others and may lick or bite items to see what happens and when the item makes a fun noise or has an interesting taste, they continue. Plastic grocery bags are often coated and this coating tastes sweet to cats, which may also attract them.


Chewing on plastic is an odd and dangerous behavior so if your cat begins doing this, don't assume it's just behavioral. Talk to your veterinarian. How to Prevent Your Cat from Chewing or Licking Plastic Bags Plastic bags can be irresistible to your cat due to how light they are and the crinkly sound they make.