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Cats are also at risk for a disease called megacolon in which the large intestine stops functioning normally. The result is constipation or even worse, obstipation – a complete blockage of the large intestine with feces. Home Remedies for Constipation in Cats . Increasing water consumption is key to help constipation in cats.


If the litter box remains empty for more than two days, it's time to see your veterinarian to rule out a blockage or an underlying disorder. However, if your cat is suffering from occasional diet-related constipation, try a home remedy to put your feline back on a healthy elimination schedule.


How to Cure a Cat of Constipation. Cats, just like people, can get blocked up sometimes and find it hard to pass stool. If you notice that your cat is spending a lot of time in his litter box, he may be constipated. There are some home...


Cat constipation remedy should contain a balanced diet and some laxatives. Cat constipation occurs in sedentary cats, due to lack of activity and may also be caused by stress, fur balls, untidy litter box, a diet poor in fibers or certain foods.


When your cat faces difficulty in passing stool, it may indicate constipation. In constipation, the stools become hard, forcing your cat to strain during bowel movement. Before seeking prescription treatment for your pet, you can always try some simple home remedies that work to treat cat constipation. They are discussed below:


Natural Laxatives or Stool Softeners for Cats. ... there are some home remedies you can try to get things moving again. Pumpkin for your Punkin. Pumpkin is an effective natural laxative that is easy to administer because (surprisingly) it has a flavor that most cats seem to enjoy. ... VetInfo: Cat Constipation Olive Oil Treatment;


Special high-fiber cat foods are also available for cats with repeated constipation problems. If the cat is severely constipated, the vet may administer an enema, or evacuate the compacted feces from the cat's colon manually. Cats that have bowel obstructions, such as foreign objects or bones, require surgery to remove the blockage.


A healthy cat is a happy cat, and that means that you must monitor his health and activity at all times in order to make sure your feline is in good physical condition. Constipation is a common ailment that many kittens and adult cats suffer from; the good news is that this is an easy condition to fix with home remedies. Causes of Constipation


TREATING A CONSTIPATED CAT . Five steps are involved in relieving constipation in cats (see the sidebar “The steps in treating constipation in cats” for an overview of the treatment process).Step 1: Rehydration . The cornerstone of therapy for constipation is rehydration and maintenance of a hydrated state.


Is your cat, um, backed up? Help clear the way with these natural remedies. Sometimes, no matter how much straining and pushing there is, the necessary result isn't happening! Just as with the condition in humans, cat constipation is rather common and diet plays an important role. "The root cause ...