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Mike Lucey When I go shopping for cat food, how come I never see any with pork in it? Wendy, Saint Paul I go to the cat food section in the store, and there are all kinds of tasty-sounding flavors: chicken, seafood, lamb and rice. So why do I never see pork on the shelf? Do cats consider the pig an unclean animal because it doesn't have fur to ...


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As mentioned earlier, cats are somewhat apathetic and are said to sleep anywhere from 16 hours to 20 hours in a day. If you provide a cat with fatty food, it isn’t likely they’ll burn away the excess. This is solely the reason why food such as pork isn’t recommended for cats.


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Speaking of pork as an indredient - just wanted to mention that President's Choice Nutrition First is making an excellent wet cat food .It contains no corn, no wheat, no soy, no by-products, no artificial preservatives no artificial flavours or colours. There are only two flavours so far but they're working on more. The ingredients are chicken, water sufficient for processing, tuna, sardin...


Chicken and fish are well known feline favorites, but is pork good for cats? We will look closely at the advantages and disadvantages of cats eating pork. Follow the information in this guide, and your cat will remain healthy while enjoying the occasional pork-based snack. Further Information About Cats: Can Cats Eat Spicy Food?Cats love to […]


YES! Pork is a wonderful meat for cats. Most cats both love pork and do very well with it. At Food Fur Life and in our Raw Feeding for IBD Cats group we often recommend pork loin as a starter meat when introducing raw food to cats. For many it is essentially a “novel” protein.


Mix the home made cat food ingredients together well. Store any unused mixture in an air tight container in the fridge until needed again. We hope your cat enjoys these homemade cat food recipes, please take a look at our homemade cat treats.


Cats that usually eat kibble can have a hard time switching over to wet cat food. The cat food for overweight cats needs to fit their own specific preferences too. If you have a picky eater, of a cat that won’t eat wet food, this Blue Buffalo formula can still help your cat lose weight safely.