Feeding charts are used for cats when a veterinarian has determined the cat is overweight. A cat being overweight affects his overall health, including his joints and mobility. More »

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Gerber recommends feeding babies 28 to 34 ounces of food daily, depending on their age and size. This includes 24 ounces of breast milk or infant formula and age-appropriate servings of fortified cereals and pureed fruit... More »

There are several tranquilizers available with a prescription from a veterinarian to help relieve stress and anxiety in cats, including Valium and Promace. Tranquilizers can have negative side effects, such as impairing ... More »

WebMD explains that there are numerous tranquilizers that are deemed safe for cats over the course of short-term use, but they need to be obtained through a veterinarian. Tranquilizers are used to relieve anxiety in a fr... More »

A cat usually loses it meow because of an illness; however, there are some instances of voice loss in cats when a veterinarian cannot make a diagnosis. "Loss or change of voice is one of those vague problems that drive v... More »

Before traveling with a cat, talk to a veterinarian to determine if the destination is safe from diseases, whether the cat requires vaccinations and if the weather is suitable. Airlines require a health certificate withi... More »

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The Balinese cat was bred from long-haired Siamese cats. The unique coat of the Balinese lies close to the body, flowing down to the tail. Long-haired Siamese cats are a spontaneous mutation of the standard breed, and se... More »

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