Fleas do not usually live on human flesh. However, they are known to bite humans who live with or are in close contact with an infested animal. More »

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According to FleaExpert.com, whether or not a flea can live in human hair is dependent upon the type of flea. While common cat and dog fleas do not often make a home on humans, the human flea can and will live in human h... More »

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Although dog fleas prefer to live on furry animals, they do bite humans if given the chance. Like most fleas, they are opportunistic feeders and feed on human blood as well as that of other mammals. More »

For humans pretending to be cats, understanding typical cat physicality and behavior is essential. By studying and mimicking a cat's different vocalizations, activities, body positions and movements, a person can success... More »

Though they are different in many ways, including levels of hostility to humans and overall body size, domestic cats and wild cats such as tigers actually share about 95 percent of the same DNA, meaning the two types of ... More »

Cats can become skittish after a bad experience or due to having little experience with humans. Cats not properly socialized as kittens may develop shyness or skittishness around unknown visitors or people in general. So... More »

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During the Space Race fervor of the mid-1900s, humans from several different countries sent a number of non-human animals into space, including a cat who flew a successful French space mission in 1963, parachuting safely... More »