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Cat Facts is a daily text message prank app that sends cat trivia right to your phone!


informative and hilarious Cat Facts! Sign up now! Quotes. Cat Facts changed my life- I quit my job and started learning to speak cat. Mr. Cat. I signed my brother up for Cat Facts and now he doesn't visit me anymore. Estranged Brother. ... Because text messages cost money and we're not a charity.


Cat Facts. Cats do a lot of weird things and sometimes their behavior is a bit out of whack. The following cat facts are interesting, fun to read and entertaining. You may thoroughly enjoy the following facts about cats. Subscribe for daily text messages.


Cat Facts started in 2012 after seeing the post on Reddit about a person who sent their cousin facts about cats when they posted their number on Facebook. The Cat Facts Android app totally automates the sending of facts like the original Reddit post. Check out the Cat Facts T-Shirt


The viral meme has now come to PrankDial. Make them think they are going to receive an endless supply of cat facts for the entire year and be charged for it! - PrankDial


Only one of the most popular Reddit posts of all time: the hilarious "Cat Facts" prank from Reddit user "frackyou" is the 8th most popular post on Reddit, and now, it's a mobile app you can use to ...


To be removed from cat facts text messaging service, fill in your email address and phone number below. You will receive a text message at the number you provide asking to confirm your choice. Follow the instructions to confirm.


How the Cat Facts Prank works: The main gist of Cat Facts prank is that you’ll send someone a text saying they are now subscribed to Cat Facts. Then begin texting fun and random cat facts. (You can get lots of cat facts here) Around the 2nd or 3rd text, include an option to cancel the cat facts. When they follow the cancellation directions ...


Cat Facts. Choose your first target to send facts to . How many facts do you want to send them? 10 . FREE. 10 +1 FREE target. $2.00. 30 +3 FREE targets. $5.00. 60 +6 FREE targets. $12.00 * Each free target receives 10 facts. You'll pick them after this target. What type of facts would you like to send? Send facts every.. Payment info . Free ...


Cats are North America’s most popular pets: there are 73 million cats compared to 63 million dogs.Over 30% of households in North America own a cat. [9] According to Hebrew legend, Noah prayed to God for help protecting all the food he stored on the ark from being eaten by rats. In reply, God made the lion sneeze, and out popped a cat.