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When a dog scratches his ears and shakes his head, it is probably a sign of an ear infection, according to WebMD. The infection is usually caused by yeast or bacteria.


Healthy dogs shake their heads during routine hygiene practices, such as shaking off water, parasites and debris. Dogs also shake their heads in response to the discomfort or pain associated with an illness or injury.


A cat’s head can shake or tremble due to tremors, which are a symptom of an underlying health problem. Tremors occur when the muscles contract and relax involuntarily and repetitively. Tremors in cats can be caused by numerous factors, including inflammation, injury, ne...


In most cultures, a slow and lengthy up-and-down nod signifies agreement and understanding, while small nods signify approval or encouragement. A rapid and fast nod depicts impatience. Shaking of the head from left to right also holds different meanings. For instance, a...


To clean a cat's ear, wet a cotton ball with an ear-cleaning solution, and gently wipe the debris away. Do not attempt to clean the cat's inner ear, as this can damage the ear canal. If the inner ear needs cleaning, take the cat to a veterinarian.


The moistness of a cat’s nose varies according to changes in the environment. Although cats' noses are commonly wet, a dry nose does not directly indicate any health problem, according to TheNest.com. Some cats with “wet noses” are treated for dehydration, while others ...


Cats have wet noses when they are hydrated. However, a cat with a dry nose does not necessarily indicate dehydration. The time to call the vet is when the cat goes from having a wet nose to a dry nose.