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Carlos Montoya and His Flamenco Guitar Malga, Tango Sevillano Medley Of Folk Tunes From Asturias-Castilla-Mallorca, Tarantas, La Rosa, Tanguillo De Cadiz-Oye Negra Tanguillo Soleares, Gaita Gallega, Zambrilla, Seguiriya


Castilla guitars were economical guitars manufactured in China in the 1970s for C. Bruno & Sons, a musical instrument distribution company owned by KMC Music, Incorporated. Most of the Castilla guitars featured nylon strings and basic, no-frills designs manufactured with inexpensive materials.


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Castilla acoustic guitar model CS70, 38 3/4" x 14 1/4" x 4 1/2", weight < 3lbs. Welcome to the world's largest marketplace for fine art, antiques & collectibles.


Ramon, Castilla seems to have been a popular inexpensive classical guitar in the 80's. I bought one for my 7 year old 15 years ago when she wanted to start playing...


Depends on what condition, but mint, you could get $10,000 for it. Check eBay prices to get more of an idea on what guitars like that are worth.


I own a Castilla cs70. hard to find info on. I bought it new in Chicago in 2001 for $85. Great guitar for the price, but I doubt any Castilla brand will price more than $100-$150. Hope you find this helpful.


Re: Castilla guitar Posted by Thalog on Mon, 01/03/2005 - 00:24. I have a castilla acoustic CS-60, it's been sitting in my sister's room for years, we have alot of guitars in this house so it was a surprise to find this one, it was so neglected the strings were too loose to make a sounds, fine condition, just covered in dust.


I just bought an Acoustic guitar and the Name of it is "Castilla," its in great shape for how old it supposidly is i bought it for $50 and its made of...


Really cool old guitar from early 70's from the "lawsuit era" of Japanese guitars! Very hard to find these. This one has plenty of play wear, checking, cracked binding (a few missing chunks) and parts...