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A cash letter is a group of negotiable items, usually checks, accompanied by a specific set of instructions for each of the items. Cash letters are normally sent to a clearing house or the Federal Reserve check collection system. They are also called transit letters.


A sample letter of disappointment guides consumers through the process of writing a complaint to the appropriate person in the hopes of finding a solution. The sample letter demonstrates how to phrase dissatisfaction in a coherent and concise way, encouraging businesses to respond positively.


The purpose of a sample character reference letter for court is to highlight the positive traits and behavior of someone who stands accused of committing a crime. Character reference letters are most often written by the defendant's friends, family members and acquaintances. Character references nee


An exemplary cover letter states the position for which a given applicant is applying, outlines the applicant's overarching qualifications for the position, and indicates additional abilities that would serve the applicant well in the job. An applicant's cover letter is most effective if aligned wel


Samples of customer letters are found on WriteExpress.com and SampleLettersWorld.com, as of 2015. Examples include appreciation, apology, and announcement letters. Each website also features suggestions for writing customer letters.


A sample letter of acceptance is addressed to a relevant party, specifically accepts the job, expresses gratitude for being hired, and restates pertinent details such as what the salary is and when medical benefits begin. The letter should end by providing a contact number and reiterating the work s


Letters were first used as a form of communication. With technology improvements, however, it has become a less popular way for people to communicate.


Some examples of sample letters from a physician include a request for medical leave and an authorization to return to work. A physician provides a request for medical leave letter for a patient who needs time away from work due to an illness or medical condition.


Sample request letters are available at websites such as SampleLettersWorld.com and WriteExpress.com, and you can use them as a guide to writing effective letters requesting that something be done. Examples of request letters are those asking for an interview, information, and the help of a third pa


The websites Entrepreneur and Rocket Lawyer offer examples and styling guides for letters of intent. A letter of intent is used in business transactions to communicate an intention to enter into a serious, formal relationship. According to Rocket Lawyer, a letter of intent protects the rights and re