Cars that have timing chains instead of timing belts include the 2006 to 2016 Honda Civic, 2003 to 2016 Honda CR-V and Accord 2.4 and 2003 to 2011 Honda Element. Other cars with timing chains include the Toyota 2005 to 2... More »

The timing belt connects a vehicle's crankshaft and camshaft. Timing belts also play a crucial role in the proper operation of an engine's pistons and valves. More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance Transmission

To replace the car's timing belt, degrease the engine, drain the coolant, remove the old belt, insert a new belt in the place of the old one, replace the crankshaft seal with a new one and refill the coolant. For proper ... More »

All models of BMW since 1993, all models of Cadillac, the Chevrolet Corvette, the Chrysler Neon and PT Cruiser, and all models of Mercedes except the 2012 A Class 1,461 cubic centimeter and Citan van have timing chains i... More »

Car tune-ups may entail different actions to ensure cars run smoothly and safely, such as repairing and replacing oil and air filters, adjusting timing belts, inspecting the engine and adjusting the clutch on vehicles wi... More »

A complete car tune-up includes spark plug replacement, rotor replacement, fuel injector cleaning, a new air filter, a new fuel filter, a new PCV valve and checks on various systems, including fluid levels, ignition, emi... More »

Dayco manufactures a wide range of automotive belts, including serpentine, timing and V-belts. The company also designs and manufactures deep rib, ela stretch, linear groove technology and double-sided belts. More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance