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An example of a healthy detox juice recipe involves blending a combination of fresh ginger, beet, carrots, apple and water until a smooth consistency is achieved, states Health Magazine. Another juice recipe for cleansing the body involves mixing apples, lime and strawb...


Carrot juice is healthy and nutritious, making it a good addition to most diets. Carrots contain high amounts of essential vitamins and minerals, and the juice provides a concentrated way to consume them.


To detox with cranberry juice, take 250 milliliters of cranberry juice three times a day for two weeks straight or two to three 400-milligram capsules daily for up to eight weeks, as reported by Mayo Clinic. Cranberry juice has also been taken to treat other diseases an...


CarrotJuice.com suggests that the number of fluid ounces of carrot juice consumed daily should be limited depending on overall body weight, because the sugar in carrots make them high in calories. Drinking over 16 ounces of carrot juice a day may not be beneficial.


Consuming too much carrot juice may lead to a condition called carotenosis in which the skin turns a yellowish orange color, primarily on the nose, palms and soles. Most of the time, this condition causes no harm, but sometimes the carotenosis that occurs as a result fr...


Apple juice, lemon juice and raw vegetable juice are all good juices to use for a colon detox done at home. Drinking plenty of water is also important when doing a body cleanse.


An example of an efficient cleanse is the cranberry juice detox that includes lemon juice according to the Mayo Clinic. This basic detox recipe helps to rejuvenate the body and restore energy.