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In other side, Hesperonychus is the smallest carnivore at only 20inches and 1 meter long. This kind of dinosaurs ate insects, small Cretaceous animals and baby dinosaurs. We have top 5 Meat-Eating Dinosaurs, that the most famous, largest and specialized predatory dinosaurs. 1.


Welcome to the Active Wild list of dinosaurs. This page contains a list of dinosaur names with pictures and information. Here you can learn about the many different kinds of dinosaur that existed in the Mesozoic Era. Designed to be an ‘online dinosaur museum’, it’s a great place to start if you want to find out more about a particular ...


Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter is a port of Carnivores 2 developed by Tatem Games for the iOS and Android and by Beatshapers for the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3. Development on the port was started in July 2009 and the game was released on June 12, 2010.


Carnivores. Carnivorous dinosaurs—which included raptors, tyrannosaurs, ornithomimids, large theropods, and small theropods (also known as "dino-birds")—were the most dangerous dinosaurs of the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. Learn more about them in this collection.


Herbivore Dinosaurs: Dinosaurs, as what we have observed in the media, are characterized as ferocious meat-eating reptilian predators.But believe it or not, only 35% of the total general dinosaur population was composed of carnivores. The remaining 65% were herbivores!


As spinosaurs—large, carnivorous dinosaurs with crocodile-like heads and jaws—the Irritator (about 25 feet long and weighing 1 ton) wasn't any more "irritating" than any other genus. Rather, this predator acquired its name because its only existing skull had been touched up with plaster by an overeager fossil hunter, requiring ...


The Biggest Carnivore. Spinosaurus was the biggest meat eater. It lived in the Cretaceous Period (around the same time as these Cretaceous dinosaurs) in North Africa.. What did Spinosaurus eat? It is thought that this dinosaur lived on land and in water (like a crocodile) - and ate fish.


By the early 20th century, some paleontologists, such as Friedrich von Huene, no longer considered carnivorous dinosaurs to have formed a natural group. Huene abandoned the name "Theropoda", instead using Harry Seeley's Order Saurischia, which Huene divided into the suborders Coelurosauria and Pachypodosauria.


This is a list of dinosaurs whose remains have been recovered from Asia excluding the Indian Subcontinent, which was part of a separate landmass for much of the Mesozoic. This list does not include dinosaurs that live or lived after the Mesozoic era such as birds


Top Ten Predatory Dinosaurs. A look at ten of some of the most famous,‭ ‬largest and specialised predatory dinosaurs that are known to science. If you would‭ ‬like‭ ‬to know much more detailed information about these dinosaurs,‭ ‬just click on their names to go to their main pages.