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Oleander plants are among the most versatile of shrubs, with dozens of uses in southern and coastal landscapes. For tips on growing and caring for oleander shrubs in the landscape, this article will help.


By now, there are many different oleander varieties in trade, and the blossom’s colour is not the only difference. If you want to do everything right while caring for this evergreen plant, just follow our care directions. Plant Profile


The oleander tree (Nerium oleander) is an evergreen upright shrub that can get 2-3 m high. The leaves are oblong and would remind you of laurel. In its natural environment the oleander tree grows in a mild climate along streams where the soil stays moist for most of the time. Photo courtesy of Chris230*** Oleander Plant Care Instructions


An oleander can be grown in a container or as an attractive border wall. Trimming oleanders is important to do once a year to keep them in good form. How to Prune and Care for Oleander Plants | Hunker


The oleander is one of several desert plants that I recommend for people who want desert shrubs or bushes that are perennial (you need to plant them only once), hardy, low care, relatively drought resistant, easy to find, pretty cheap to buy, and provide lovely color many times during the year.


Oleander (Nerium oleander) is a drought-tolerant evergreen that can be pruned to grow as a bushy shrub or as a tall, showy tree that reaches up to 20 feet in height. Blooming in a range of colors ...


The oleander is a Mediterranean plant that’s been popular throughout Europe for hundreds of years. It has a following in the southern United States and it’s starting to take hold in the north, too. It’s a perennial plant that can’t tolerate freezing temperatures, so growing oleander in containers is the only way to go in a lot of climates.


Oleander plants thrive in warm, sunny locations. Move your plant outdoors for the summer, if necessary, to give it the sunlight it needs to grow and bloom. Water: Water generously throughout the growing season, keeping the soil evenly moist. Water sparingly in winter when plant is resting. Humidity: Average room humidity.


Oleander bushes (Nerium oleander) produce a showy summer floral display along with shiny evergreen leaves in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 11. These bushes can ...


Caring for Your Oleander Plant . The major maintenance will be pruning after flowering to keep the plant full and bushy. Although you do not need to prune an oleander shrub, pinching the tips in early spring will encourage the plant to fill out, rather than become leggy. You can also prune to shape your plant or keep its size in check.