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The National Hurricane Center's Tropical Cyclone Reports (formerly called Preliminary Reports) contain comprehensive information on each storm, including synoptic history, meteorological statistics, casualties and damages, and the post-analysis best track (six-hourly positions and intensities). Atlantic, Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico


Hurricane Activity By Month. Fortunately, not all hurricane months have the same amount of activity. Yet because hurricane season officially starts the first of June, the same month schools start their summer vacations, many families understandably are wary about when to plan Caribbean travel. Or whether they even should.


Detailed track information cannot be shown for all requested storms. Storms are shown with missing parts. To view missing details, please use the Filter buttons to select fewer storms.


Hurricane Emily is one of the recent category 5 hurricanes, and fortunately one with only 17 fatalities. However, it represents one of the strongest hurricanes in history and also the hurricane with the earliest arrival: the hurricane formed in late July, 2005, quite an uncommon period for hurricanes.


Caribbean hurricane season is prime time for landing a deal. ... have mapped these hotspots month by month and determined the places at highest risk of a tropical storm or hurricane by percentage ...


Caribbean Hurricane History By Month. Posted By: Masriah | February 8, 2018 | No Comments ; Map of 1950 2017 conus hurricane strikes hurricane season cruising photo 7489248533 shutterstock caribbean hurricane season hurricane season in the usvi. The Caribbean Hurricane Season When Does It Occur.


The annual Caribbean hurricane seasons officially begins June 1 and ends Nov. 30. September historically is the worst month of the season for hurricane risk. The average Caribbean hurricane season may have as many as 12 to 20 named storms of which six could become hurricanes, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


Eight Basic Facts About Caribbean Hurricanes. Out of all the regions in the Caribbean, the south-eastern part has the least number of hurricanes and the south-western and the north-east region (The Bahamas) has the most.Even though the Caribbean hurricane season is from June to November, there are still times when hurricanes are almost non-existent.


This is why some Caribbean resorts close in September and cruises during these months are often a good bargain, especially during an active hurricane season. Based on this graph, the best time not to travel to the Caribbean is from approx. August 15-October 20. To Hurricanes in the Caribbean To Hurricane Strike Paths, by Month


"Your chance of getting hit by a hurricane in the Caribbean is probably not a whole lot different than it is in Miami or on the Gulf Coast," says Sheets. In fact, 100 years of hurricane data show that the chances of Miami being hit by a hurricane are "higher than anywhere in the Caribbean," according to Sheets.