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The cardamom plant is used to make spices for cooking, flavoring for drinks and medicines for both conventional pharmaceuticals and traditional Eastern cures. The herb is indigenous to India and is used around the world.


Cardamom has a sweet flavor similar to those of grapefruit and ginger. This spice also includes floral and soapy flavors, along with green notes and a cool menthol undertone.


For each teaspoon of ground cardamom, substitute 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon and 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg. If nutmeg is not available, use equal parts of cinnamon and cloves or equal parts of cinnamon and ginger instead.


The erythrina tree and the bauhinia tree are the two largest seed pod bearing trees, both growing 35 feet tall. Three smaller seed pod bearing trees are: the sophora tree from North America, the cercis tree, also from North America, and the cercidium tree from southern ...


Health benefits of cardamom include easing digestion, soothing nausea and heartburn, preventing gas, stimulating appetite and detoxification. It also helps with urinary system cleansing, prevention of colds, treatment of bronchitis. It is used as an anti-inflammatory an...


Planting a tree from a seed pod is a delicate process and depends on the species of the tree; most seed pods require either scarification or stratification in order for germination to take place. Germination of tree seed pods happens in nature only under particular circ...


To identify trees by seedpods, you can try to identify the plant family it belongs to by looking at descriptions and pictures of family characteristics and then examining pictures of individual seedpods within the correct family. If this does not work, look at individua...