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Health benefits of cardamom include easing digestion, soothing nausea and heartburn, preventing gas, stimulating appetite and detoxification. It also helps with urinary system cleansing, prevention of colds, treatment of bronchitis. It is used as an anti-inflammatory and to improve circulation and d


The cardamom plant is used to make spices for cooking, flavoring for drinks and medicines for both conventional pharmaceuticals and traditional Eastern cures. The herb is indigenous to India and is used around the world.


Cardamom has a sweet flavor similar to those of grapefruit and ginger. This spice also includes floral and soapy flavors, along with green notes and a cool menthol undertone.


For each teaspoon of ground cardamom, substitute 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon and 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg. If nutmeg is not available, use equal parts of cinnamon and cloves or equal parts of cinnamon and ginger instead.


A good substitute for cardamom is a mixture of equal parts of cinnamon and nutmeg. Another option is to use equal parts of cinnamon and ginger or cinnamon and ground cloves.


The health benefits of cinnamon include reduction of blood sugar in diabetes patients and a possible reduction of inflammation and action against free radicals and bacteria. Research remains mixed, but the absence of harmful side effects means that trying cinnamon for those benefits does not carry r


MedlinePlus explains that garlic is possibly effective for reducing blood pressure and reducing the incidence of atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries. Garlic may also reduce the risk of developing colon, stomach and rectal cancers. High doses of dietary garlic have been shown to reduce the


Some of the potential health benefits of turmeric include relief for upset stomachs and osteoarthritis pain. Although the evidence is inconclusive, turmeric may also be effective in treating and preventing health conditions such as eye inflammation, colorectal cancer, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowe


Drinking green tea is beneficial for lowering cholesterol levels and maintaining mental alertness. The antioxidant in green tea, catechin, is responsible for lowering cholesterol, while caffeine improves mental performance. Drinking tea moderately is safe, although some people experience upset stoma


Cardamom is an Indian spice known for its intense flavor and its use in traditional medicine, such as to help with digestion. Here are 10 health benefits of cardamom, backed by science. Cardamom is a spice with an intense, slightly sweet flavor that some people compare to mint. It originated in Indi