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Cardamom cookies. There’s just something so cozy about the sweet aroma of cardamom! Cardamom is a spice made from the seeds of several plants native to India. I adore it and often use it to make vanilla cardamom scones.. But because it’s the world’s third-most expensive spice, I only use it for special occasions.


For years my husband was looking for the "right" cardamom cookie...and we found it in this recipe!! It's by far the best spice cookie I have ever tried! It's flaky and light. Just perfect! I have also used this for Pecan Pie and Pumpkin Pie crust.(I bake the crust at 350 for about 5 min before adding the filling; then put foil strips around the ...


I have a new favorite holiday cookie - YUMMY!! Please note: I am a huge cardamom fan.I used toasted hazelnuts rather than walnuts, but almonds would work well, too (as I am not a walnut person).Did end up with about 4 cookies worth of dough at the bottom of the pan that was too dry to roll, but still ended up with about 40 cookies.These little delights were buttery, rich and super flavorful ...


Cardamom Cookies. Recipe by Hungarian Gypsy. We love the smell and taste of cardamom around the holidays and found this recipe in our local paper. Cardamom tastes like a mixture of ginger and maybe cinnamon and can be very strong. If you're adding more, go with a light hand.


These easy cookies taste like a cross between a classic sugar cookie and a snickerdoodle. Perfect for christmas and the holidays. And they’re dairy free! Fire up those ovens because today we talk these soft & chewy cardamom cookies. Which totally remind me of a cross between a chewy sugar cookie and a snickerdoodle.


When richly spiced cardamom cookies, scented with allspice and cloves, are pressed with wood-grain and scallop patterns and cut into the shapes of trees and reindeer, they create a charming woodland fantasy in each box.


This year I decided to combine a Persian favorite with an American classic and make these cardamom shortbread cookies! Cardamom is one of the basic spices of Persian cooking that is used in many different recipes from rice dishes to drinks to desserts. Why this cardamom cookie recipe is a winner.


DIRECTIONS. In large bowl, mix together flour, baking soda, cinnamon and cardamon. In another bowl, beat egg until frothy. Beat sugar and butter into egg.


This is a wonderful addition to your cookie portfolio if you enjoy cardamom and prefer cookies with strong or unusual flavors. I used mandarin orange zest and juice from our tree for this recipe.


This rich cardamom cookie recipe produces a unique treat that is great for potlucks. Find out how to make cardamom spice cookies online at The Spice House. I recently baked this cardamom cookie recipe for a potluck and the guests raved about them because they are unusual and delicious.