A complex carbohydrate made by plants is cellulose. Complex carbohydrates are sugars made up of smaller sugar molecules. Complex carbohydrates are also called polysaccharides. Cellulose is made up of subunits of a monosa... More »

Plants make carbohydrates in the form of sugar during the process of photosynthesis. The green leaves of plants absorb sunlight, and they use this energy to combine water with carbon dioxide. This process yields two bypr... More »

Starch is a complex carbohydrate commonly found in grains and tubers. Some common foods that contain starch include potatoes, corn, rice, beans and lentils. Starches must be digested and broken down before the body can u... More »

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Typical plants that are found on the forest floor include a variety of ferns, mangrove trees and vines such as the strangler fig. Plant growth opportunities are limited with little nutrients and light. More »

When plants are planted outside of their normal hardiness zone, there may be no animals or other plants to keep them from taking over. The plants end up growing rapidly and reproducing exponentially until they overwhelm ... More »

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The light response in plants is a complex series of triggers and feedback loops using certain proteins in the cell to prepare and process light resulting in growth, flowering and straining toward light. The proteins resp... More »

According to Biosciences for Farming in Africa, sexual reproduction in plants occurs when pollen from a plant's stamen reaches the stigma of a flower. The pollen contains sperm cells while the stigma holds the correspond... More »