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I have no way of knowing what caused your window to break but I will say this. As a mechanic, I’ve replaced several windows that spontaneously shattered and even had this happen to a car of mine some years back. In my case, I had just backed my Subaru out from the post office and noticed the driver’s door was not shut all the way.


When I went behind the car and looked for the noise with a flashlight, there was glass all over the driveway behind the car and pieces of my back window had fallen inside as I had shut the door. I did not slam the door, just closed in normally. There was no reason for the window to bust, no one had been around all day and I live on top of a hill.


The most common cause of cracked car windows are airborne rocks, but there are many other possible reasons for car windows to shatter. Damaged windshields should be repaired immediately, as there is a chance for the crack to spread.


My daughter said that she heard a boom, and then the window broke. (The backyard is right next to the driveway.) My neighbor, who came outside when he heard her yell and got there before I did, said that she was still in the yard when he came outside--and really, even if she weren't, she's six--there's no way that she could break my car window.


Spontaneous glass breakage is a phenomenon by which toughened glass (or tempered) may spontaneously break without any apparent reason. The most common causes are: Minor damage during installation such as nicked or chipped edges later developing into larger breaks normally radiating from point of defect.


It's a window shattering mystery. You're driving your car when all of a sudden your back window explodes. Drivers say it's a dangerous defect and dealerships aren't paying for it. Tom Esper of Ann ...


AGD Now Blog. Windshield Replacement With Top Quality Customer Care & Service Throughout Arizona. autoglass broken car window broken window Power Windows windshield repair windshield replacement Can Your Windshield Shatter for No Reason? December 20, 2017 by Chris Fill


What Causes a Car Window to Shatter? by Rebecca Cioffi . Two Types of Safety Glass. The glass in car windows is not a simple glass like you find in home windows or in drinking glasses; it is a glass created to keep jagged, sharp pieces from injuring someone in a car crash. This is commonly referred to as safety glass.


My friend's van was hit by 3 bullets in (what we presume to have been) a driveby 3 or 4 years when he left his car parked in an area known for gang violence while we carpooled to a party with limited parking. They just spidered around where the bullet struck; perhaps this isn't typical but it didn't actually shatter the window fully.


A few examples that come to mind: toughened glass dinner plates are known to shatter for no apparent reason, so are the glass windows in oven doors, and glass coffee table tops. Vehicle windscreens do shatter seemingly for no reason, but generally this can be traced back to a recent chip by a flying stone.