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Car hoods are often manufactured with built-in scoops made of steel, fiber glass or carbon fiber. Nevertheless, if your car hood does not have a built-in scoop you can always install one as an add-on. Located at the front end of your vehicle, your car hood is prone to wear and tear due to collisions.


If the hood does not fit well your engine and other important systems will be exposed to outside elements and dangers. With a Replacement Hood you can solve both problems and enjoy worry-free driving at all times. When shopping for a Replacement Hood you need to keep tow things in mind- fit and function.


If your hood is damaged in a collision, a quality replacement is critical for maintaining pride of ownership and resale value. Who knows what kind of hidden rust or damage lurks in a used hood? One of our premium quality replacement hoods will make your vehicle look like new at far less than the dealer price.


Automotive Hood Products. Usually, the form and shape of your vehicle carries the standard marque of its manufacturer's design. Located at the front fascia of your ride, your car hood is molded and contoured to perfection to exude a commanding presence; it also serves as a protective cover to your engine preventing the intrusion of water and debris.


If you have an old, worn out hood giving your vehicle's front an unsightly look, it's critical to replace it with a premium quality hood panel. Replacement hood panels we offer are made from the finest sheet metal with the use of the latest CAD/CAM software which allows for creating the finest quality reproductions of the originals.


Replacement brand offers a wide array of OE replacement or direct-fit parts that ranges from small o-rings to large car hoods. A Replacement hood, nevertheless, is made from high-quality materials like steel, aluminum, or fiberglass-for a very affordable price.


How much does a car hood replacement cost? On average, the price of a car hood only is going to be anywhere from $70 to as much as $500.. Like any other car part, it will really come down to the make and model of your car and what kind of car part you want.


It also provides general information on car hoods, including the role that car hoods play and the different types of designs that are available for car hoods. When readers finish this guide, they will feel confident that their knowledge of car hoods will help them find the right replacement hoods for their cars. Car Hood Basics


With decades of experience in supplying and fitting car hoods, we really are the experts. Since those days, many other car hood companies have entered the market. We are confident that our experience, our service and our quality are second to none. As the longest established soft top replacement company in the UK, we really know our stuff!


Car & Truck Hoods. The hood, commonly known as a bonnet, is the hinged casing covering the engine compartment of the car or truck. It provides access to the compartment for repair or maintenance. A hidden latch is used to hold down the bonnet. What is the function of the car or truck hood?