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A car's heater does not generate heat if the coolant level is low or restricted by buildup, if the water pump failed or if the thermostat is broken. The heater fan is also sometimes an issue.


Fan heaters are actually types of space heaters. The difference lies in their mode of operation: whereas a fan heater warms up the air and propels it using a fan throughout the area, a space heater may use a fan or warm the surrounding by radiation.


A heater blower is a device attached to a heating unit that helps to distribute air throughout a vent system or move it in a specific direction. Unlike standard fans, blower fans often have multiple blades designed to move air quickly with little effort.


In order to repair a car heater, diagnose the problem, troubleshoot that part of the system and replace the component. There are many issues the can cause the heater to malfunction, so a diagnosis must first be completed, prior to replacing any components.


Typically, the heater fan resistor is located under a vehicle's dashboard in the heater and air conditioning compartment. It is part of a closed system that is generally not examined during routine maintenance inspections.


To diagnose a water heater problem, check the pilot light, listen for irregular sounds, check the surrounding areas for moisture and water leakage, and check the dip tube. It may be necessary to contact a professional technician for some water heater repairs.


The most common reasons a car's heater may stop working include too little coolant, a failed heater core or a faulty heater control air bend door. A coolant, such as antifreeze, is necessary for air to move through the heater core and into the car.


The most common problems with electric heaters include failure to operate or generate enough heat, constantly turning on and off, noisy operation and a blower that refuses to stop running. Major issues with an electric furnace require a professional, but there are some fixes that homeowners should t


The most common cause of a heater blowing cold air is a bad thermostat. The thermostat opens and closes to regulate coolant flow. A thermostat typically opens when the coolant temperature is at 195 degrees Fahrenheit; if malfunctioning, it does not heat the coolant enough to blow hot air.


A car heater blower motor is the component that blows cold or warm air out of the vents. The motor is controlled through knobs or buttons on the dash or console.