A hand brake is also known as a parking brake or emergency brake. It's a secondary braking system used to keep a vehicle in a stationary position. A hand brake is usually installed as a lever situated between the front s... More »

If the car was purchased new, check the owner's manual or with the manufacturer. If it was purchased second hand, a previous owner may have installed different braking system parts. More »

The master cylinder, brake lines, brake caliper, brake piston and brake pads are some of the parts that make up a brake system. Other parts include the parking brake, power booster, brake hoses and brake fluid. More »

If an emergency brake is stuck, it may help to pump the regular brake a few times, lubricate the emergency brake cable or release button, or locate a repair manual for vehicle-specific instructions. If the car changes ge... More »

A parking brake diagram is useful when attempting to install, remove or diagnose a problem with the parking brake, also known as the emergency brake. An effective diagram provides a clear illustration of all components o... More »

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To fix a parking brake, adjust the cables, lubricate the braking system to fix any sticking problem and replace any broken brake cable. This procedure may vary depending on whether the braking system is electric or cable... More »

Two open-ended wrenches are required to adjust the emergency brake on a vehicle. There are two procedures that tighten the emergency brake cable, one requires access under the vehicle while the other can be done inside o... More »

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