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Engine Weight Chart [Printer friendly page] Engine Weight/Size FYI version 00.02.04 by Dave Williams, dave.williams@chaos.lrk.ar.us It isn't really a Frequently Asked Question, so I'll call it an "FYI", For Your Information.


All these factors and different materials are part of what determines the engine's total weight. Have a look at this page: Engine Weights II Now, weight values for the listed engines go from 200 lbs for an air-cooled VW flat four all the way up to 1300 lbs for a Cadillac V16.


Engine weight – a comprehensive list Written By Editor on 2014-04-14 , Posted in Car Chat , Technical Talk | 0 comments Since the data comes from different sources, there may be duplications or conflicts in the list.


Engine Weight Chart Engine Weight/Size FYI version 00.02.04 by Dave Williams, [email protected] It isn't really a Frequently Asked Question, so I'll call it an "FYI", For Your Information. This was originally a list I'd compiled long ago on paper, then moved to the computer, then posted on the net as a response to some questions.


AMC’s V8, ’56-’66 (250,287, 327 CID) known as the ‘Rambler V8’, is commonly listed on engine weight charts as weighing 601 lbs or 640 (601 lbs has no accessories such as starter, fuel pump, water pump, even oil pump & pan… only the basic castings, reciprocating assembly, including intake and exhaust manifolds -they were ‘fudging it’ a little bit) The second AMC V8 (290, 304 ...


Hispano-Suiza V8 330 (86) 1915 aircraft engine, water cooled Hispano-Suiza V8 32CV 540 (86) 1919 6.6 liter car engine Hispano H, 1918 632 (98) aircraft, 1127 ci, steel w/Al crankcase. Honda 1.5L V6 286 (237) 1983 F1 engine, twin turbo Honda RA122E 75 deg V12 330 (23) Formula 1


Oil weight chart. What does the oil weight actually mean? An oil’s weight refers to it’s measured viscosity at a given temperature. The temperature of the oil is important when measuring it’s viscosity because an oil becomes thinner, or less viscous, when it is heated. Conversely, oil becomes thicker, or more viscous, when it is cooled.


You'll sometimes see more than one weight listed. Some weights are for just a long block, some are complete and ready to run, and of course everything in between. Some engines varied in weight during their production runs - for example, some later Chevy V8s use thinwall blocks and aluminum heads.


A - Length from rear of intake manifold to water pump pulley B - Length from rear mounting surface to water pump pulley C - Height from bottom of sump to highest point of intake manifold D - Height from bottom of sump to top of carburetor E - Width outside of valve cover to outside of valve cover


Chart of Average Vehicle Curb Weight by Class. Vehicle weight can vary significantly by the model and even the year of the car or truck, so your own vehicle's manual or driver's side doorsill is your best resource for finding out its weight. However, many people wonder how their vehicle compares to others in its class.