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List of Car Curb Weights. As you can see from this list, car weight can vary a lot, depending on the type of vehicle, the engine, and many other factors. ... Curb weight - This is the weight of your vehicle with all fluids and components but without the drivers, passengers, and cargo.

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­The answer is simple, and you probably had it figured out before you even looke­d at this page: weight. The car engine, as powerful as it is, has a lot more weight to move than the smaller, less powerful motorcycle engine.


The list here is the list of base car weights which is the curb weights or any cars. Curb weight is the total weight of a car or vehicle with standard equipment including the engine oil, coolant, transmission oil, and a full tank of fuel without any passengers. Acura / Honda Car Weights (Curb Weight)


The curb weight, also known as the tare weight, of a car is the total weight of the car once it is manufactured. The curb weight contrasts with the gross vehicular weight, which is the curb weight of the car plus its passengers and cargo.


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Although the car lost some power for 2016, the lighter curb weight, better balance, and superior power-to-weight ratio has made it the quickest and best-driving MX-5 to date. This is jinba-ittai ...


Curb Weight. The curb weight of your vehicle is the weight of the car with all of the standard equipment and amenities, but without any passengers, cargo or any other separately loaded items in it. Thus, the curb weight is the amount that the vehicle weighs when it's resting on the curb and not in use.


The Alfa Romeo 4C uses extensive carbon fibre construction to achieve a dainty curb weight. Performance is obviously the main goal here, as light cars are faster, more agile and easier to toss around.


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