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Common car heater problems explained. Car issues can make people scratch their heads. If your car heater is suddenly blowing out cold air instead of heat in the middle of a bitterly cold winter, you have a good reason to be frustrated. Unreliable car heaters can make the cold winter months practically unbearable.


AxleAddict » Auto Repair » Maintenance; Why Is the Heater in My Car Blowing out Cold Air and Not Heat? Updated on January 25, 2019. JP993. more. JP993 is a self-confessed car and motorcycle addict, having saved thousands over the years working on and maintaining his vehicles himself.


If the heater is blowing cold air and the car is overheating, it is likely that the problem is related to the engine cooling system as well. The following are some issues that may be causing the heater to blow cold air: Low coolant levels; A plugged/clogged heater core; A faulty thermostat (thermostat that is stuck) Broken blower and/or blower ...


I know one of the first things I do on cold winter mornings before heading out is starting my car and turning the heat on. I let it sit a good 10 minutes so that when I get in, it’s already nice and toasty. What happens though when this car heater that is so valuable to us during these crazy winter months begins to blow cold air?


The best way to check the reason behind your car heater blowing cold air AFTER you have verified that there is enough coolant in the radiator, is to touch both the heater hoses that connect to the firewall. If the heater is working fine, both these hoses will be hot to the touch.


This is the reason that it takes a while for heaters to start blowing warm air. Until the engine warms up, there’s no heat for the heater core to extract. It’s also the reason that a plugged heater core, stuck thermostat, or air in the cooling system can all cause a car’s heater to blow cold.


First step is diagnosing the root cause of the lack of heat.. Here’s some easy stuff for you to check. 1. With the car COLD.. check the coolant reservoir. If it’s where it’s supposed to be, proceed to step 2. If it’s not full, fill it and check it...


Hello, The settings on my car there is no air blowing out of my vents either it is on AC or Heat, when the setting is at High the air is working fine. But when it’s on 1/2/ or 3 I hear the motor working, but there is no air blowing. It was working in the morning fine, but in the afternoon I was having issues.


How to fix car blowing hot air when AC is on. It's actually a really simple process to refill your car or van air conditioning. Just buy a can of freon and a gauge to connect everything.


Driving around on a hot day in a car without a working air conditioner can be uncomfortable and even dangerous in extreme heat. Diagnosing the reason that your air conditioning isn’t working will help you determine whether the problem is one that you can fix yourself or if you need to take it to a repair shop.