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The light acid layer will begin to corrode the plates, and the heavy acid solution will start to compensate for the car's electrical needs by working harder than it's designed to work. The result is a shorter battery life, even though the battery shows up as working on routine tests.


The average car battery life is influenced by many variables, but even under perfect conditions, it will eventually degrade because of its chemical makeup. The two biggest culprits responsible for shortening a battery’s lifespan are surrounding temperature and driving habits.


There is no simple answer to the question of how long a car battery will last, but it is possible to offer some generalizations based on decades of industry experience. To begin with, we know that the life of a car battery varies based on three key factors: time, heat and vibration. Let’s take a closer look at each.


But, a jump start affects the battery life in more ways than you can imagine. The process is almost like a shock treatment that brings back life to the battery. A jump box or jumper cables, whatever was used, makes it weak. Suppose if you don’t change the battery thinking that it is just a few jump starts, you will regret later.


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A tech will hook the tester to the battery in the car, and it will take a snapshot of your battery's condition and indicate whether it needs to be replaced. This check should be a part of routine vehicle maintenance and done every time you have an oil change.


When does a car battery need to be replaced? The main function of a car battery is to start your car. Today, most cars have a single maintenance-free 12-volt acid battery (in the photo). A car battery is rechargeable. It uses its charge to power the vehicle systems while it's parked and to turn over the engine when you want to start it.


All the above mentioned factors decrease the service life of your car battery significantly. If you don’t want to replace your car battery every 4 years (and you, actually, want to prolong its service life) we recommend you to pay attention to certain “signs” that you may start receiving from your car battery after some time.


How long should a car battery last considering these details? Your car owner manual should also have additional details about the battery’s more specific details, and if your battery is the replacement of a similar unit, you can estimate how long it’s going to last based on how long it took your last battery to fail.


How Your Car Battery Works. Your car battery may be small, but the power it provides is huge. When your battery is dead, your car is dead (until you replace the battery or give it a charge). You may know that your car battery provides the jolt of electricity required to power all of the car’s electrical components, but it actually does so ...