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A capon (from Latin: caponem) is a cockerel (rooster) that has been castrated to improve the quality of its flesh for food and, in some countries like Spain, fattened by forced feeding.. In the United Kingdom, birds sold as capons are chemically or physically castrated cocks.


Capon definition is - a castrated male chicken. Recent Examples on the Web. His capon stuffed with Virginia ham and chestnut purée helped reconcile Jefferson with his enemy, Alexander Hamilton. — Allyson Reedy, The Denver Post, "Denver historian chronicles African-American chefs’ contributions at the White House," 7 Mar. 2017 These example sentences are selected automatically from variou...


Capon definition, a cockerel castrated to improve the flesh for use as food. See more.


While roosters typically need to be separated, capons can usually be penned together without fear of feathers flying. They are also less energetic than other poultry, which helps their meat stay tender. While the lack of testosterone does mean that capons are smaller than the average rooster, a capon is still larger than an average chicken.


Define capons. capons synonyms, capons pronunciation, capons translation, English dictionary definition of capons. n. A male chicken castrated when young to improve the quality of its flesh for food. n a castrated cock fowl fattened for eating n. a castrated male...


capon definition: a male chicken that has had part of its sex organs removed to improve the taste of its flesh for food. Learn more.


capon meaning: a male chicken that has had part of its sex organs removed to improve the taste of its flesh for food. Learn more.


capons definition: Noun 1. plural form of capon... Definitions. capons. Noun. plural form of capon; English Wiktionary. Available under CC-BY-SA license. ... and to go or ride to the market to sel butter, chese, mylke, egges, chekyns, capons, hennes, pygges, gese, and all maner of comes." ...


Capon definition: A capon is a male chicken that has had its sex organs removed and has been specially... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


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