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Methods of cleaning an oil painting on canvas include brushing the painting's surface with a very soft brush or rubbing the surface with a sliced bread loaf. Both methods help dislodge dust and dirt particles. You can also rub the surface with a soft, damp cloth dabbed ...


Oil paints and acrylics are equally effective paints for use on canvas. Both produce true, bright colors that can be applied in thick, textured strokes, or diluted, sheer washes.


Prospective fame and notoriety is the purpose of artists signing their work. Signing paintings started as a way of expanding the potential pool of sponsors.


Some famous artists who created oil paintings include Rembrandt van Rijn, Francisco de Goya and Pablo Picasso. Although these artists worked in different centuries and varied styles, they used the same medium of oil painting to create some of the most renowned works of ...


Canvas can usually be cleaned by scrubbing it with mild laundry detergent. For persistent stains or lighter-colored fabrics, a baking soda solution also helps to clean canvas, according to About.


Oil paintings by a particular artist can be found online on website databases like Daily Artists or Oil Paintings Gallery. The online databases feature the artwork categorized by specific artists or can be searched based on a painting's name.


The best way to identify an artist's signature is to have an intimate understanding of the monograms, signatures or other markings common to that artist's work. Failing that, one can consult either a free or paid online database that offers examples of various artists' ...