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Some basic maintenance you can do on a Canon printer includes cleaning the nozzles, aligning the head and cleaning the roller. It is also important to use a can of air to blow debris out of the printer.


Canon wireless printers cost between $40 and $360, depending on the exact model and its features. As of 2015, Canon wireless printers are sold by Amazon.com, Best Buy and Walmart.


Canon printer manuals are available for download on the Canon website, USA.Canon.com. A user needs to navigate to the Service & Support section of the website and select the manual for the specific printer model.


Contact the Canon Service and Support center by email or phone. To find the contact information for the division responsible for a specific product, visit the company's website at USA.Canon.com and select Service and Support. Click the Contact Us button, and then choose the desired contact method.


Canon’s website (usa.canon.com) has manuals for both home and commercial office printers, as of 2015. The website provides an electronic or PDF version for each of its home office and commercial printing products.


Most Canon printer models have serial numbers located on the interiors of the printers on either the front or rear top plates, as of 2015. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, including some multifunction Canon printers and models from the CP and ES lines.


Canon printer users can find instructions for cleaning Canon printer heads at CastleInk.com and InkjetPrinterHelp.us. These sites contain general instructions that work on most models of Canon printers, but the cleaning process may need to be adjusted slightly for use with specific machines.


To find a local Canon printer repair center, navigate to the Canon website, click on Support, choose Service & Repair, then click Find a Service Location to begin the search. Enter your ZIP code and the model of the printer to find a location that can service that particular printer.


Some 2015 Canon printer and scanner combinations that receive strong ratings include the Pixma MG 5620 and the Pixma MG 7520, according to Tom's Guide. These multi-function devices both rank among the best of the year.


To find the drivers necessary to install a printer, access the Support section on the printer manufacturer's website, select your printer model, and download the executable file that corresponds to the operating system on your computer. If the drivers aren’t available on the official websites, use a